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Flagship Presentation
Emotional Intelligence/Mental Health and Student Success
  • Know how to take control of the emotions that drive their choices

  • Build confidence from within and see the benefit of creating a positive legacy

  • Adopt emotional intelligence strategies that will help them develop inner strength and resiliency

  • Understand the power of communication and how to use it as a tool, not a weapon

  • Develop leadership skills that foster success inside and outside the classroom

  • Feel united in building a safe and positive school climate

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All Videos

think dont shoot

Violence and gang prevention
(PTSD and Mental Health)
  • Understand the power of those they surround themselves with (Teamwork makes the dream work)

  • Adopt emotional intelligence strategies that will help them make positive choices

  • Become more aware of PTSD/mental health and how to cope

  • Be able to control the voice within and use it to drive them to success (Ego is not your Amigo)

  • Build stronger relationships with those that can help them become positive leaders

  • Take control of their communication and use it as a tool not a weapon

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